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Welcome to the BLOOP Comic website!

Having made with that compulsory nicety, you will quickly find that it is not always the case but often enough to necessitate this . . .

WARNING: The content of this site is often Crude, Profane, Vulgar and / or Offensive!  The word ‘crass’ has often been bantered about (mostly by pseudo-intellectual women . . . mostly)!  So ‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here’ and proceed at your own risk!

NEWS: January 23, 2011
So I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and it crashed my old BLOOP site beyond repair by my meager web design / coding abilities!  Fucking WordPress!  Luckily, I am anal about backing up files, so I scrapped the old site and created this one using ComicPress and my backed up Comic Files.

This new site has been improved a bit over the old site.  Comics are organized in a bit better fashion and you can get around the site using the: Menu Bar at the top; the Navigation Buttons under each comic (including a cool ‘random comic’ button) or via the BLOOP Archive.

Thanks to all of you who made comments on the old site!  However, I have closed comments for this site because I received literally thousands of spam comments which was boring to sort through by hand (asshole spammers).  If you really want to comment, just hit the FaceBook ‘like’ button and comment there!  If you want to contact me directly, hit the ‘ABOUT’ page in the menu bar for my contact info.

I hope you like the BLOOP site but if not you can always go fuck yourself!

Cheers (using ‘Cheers’ is so pretentiously lame and gay),

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